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NEW! All-In-One No Pull Dog Harness

    The Last Dog Harness You'll Ever Have To Buy.


    XS 33-43cm/13-17in
    S 43-56cm/17-22in
    M 56-69cm/22-27in
    L 69-81cm/27-32in
    XL 81-107cm/32-42in


    No Pull Adjustable Dog Harness -  Designed for Your Dog, and You.
    Many dogs tend to pull a lot when they are excited to feel the nature or to meet the new furry friends.
    Our harness features   NO-PULL DESIGN  so that you can have a   better control  of your dog by attaching the leash to the  FRONT CLIP.
    Every time your dog pulls, he/she got turned around instead of continuing forward and pulling on the leash. Soon your dog will  learn not to pull.
    The soft and breathable padding will give your dog a   snug fit  around the whole body, so your dog will feel  secured and comfortable  while wearing it, making the walk even more enjoyable.
    The materials that we used to craft our harness are all of   premium quality, so your dog will wear it like a champ.
    Day and night, with Safety Dog Vest Harness, your outdoor adventure with your furry friend becomes a pure fun.


    No-Pull Design: 2 Leash Clips for Better Control
    Attach a dog leash to 2 sturdy metal D-rings so that your daily dog walking is better secured.
    Use the  BACK   clip for casual walking and jogging.
    Use the  FRONT   clip for training or stopping pulling. 

    Why is This the Best Harness?

     Stops Pulling - For Better Walks for You & Your Dog
     Easy Off/ Easy On - Hassle free On / Off in 2 Seconds
     Adjustable straps - Fits Your Dog's Body perfectly and comfortably
     Reflective - More visibility on night walks for increased safety and peace of mind
     High quality - Durable & Made to Last








      "This harness has changed the way my dog walks! He is a strong pit mix who pulled constantly. Not sure exactly how it works, but our walks are much more enjoyable when he's not pulling my arm out of the socket! We bought the large for our 60 lb pup and there's definitely room to grow."  Marcin


      "I Bought this harness in hopes that we could take our puppy out with us without him being able to escape, pull or bite the leash. This harness is AMAZING and far exceeded my expectations. Luigi did amazing and it was easy to control him. A big plus was that it had cushioning so I believe it was comfortable for him. He did not mind wearing it at all. We were able to adjust it so it fit him well and it's great that we will be able to adjust it so he can wear it as he grow. Being a puppy we know that Luigi will eventual outgrown this one (size S) but we will definitely get a larger one when that time comes.." Nadia

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